Rose and Pose

Gloria - Rose and Pose
“Each one of us has it in themselves to be a free spirit, just as every rose bud in it a rose” – Rudolph Steiner

Making something with your own hands will allow you to switch off from the constant thinking. It will allow you to relax and to be really present in the moment.

Alongside my good friend and artist Luisa Cotardo, we present Rose and Pose Retreats, workshops combining art, yoga and open conversation.

With no more than 10 people in any workshop you have time to breathe, to focus and to create something beautiful. It allows connection with others in a small and safe group setting.

Over 5 hours you will take part in a yoga flow class, creating an open heart and open mind. You will eat healthy food and have healthy conversation. You will sculp a rose from paper, a truly fulfilling experience and finishing with a relaxation/gong bath, your day will leave you feeling simply wonderful.

“It was wonderful, simply, wonderful!
The gentle flow of the activities made the day go so quickly but without rushing. Calm but energising yoga and relaxation in Gloria’s sessions alongside the sharing, and discovering of new qualities by simply learning how to shape petals out of paper with Luisa.”

Amanda – Wimblington UK

Paper rose hand made
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