Gloria - Dance into Happy
Dancing yourself happy is so much fun. I hear a lot of people say “but I can’t dance”. Well that doesn’t matter, you can always move to music. Having been a Zumba® instructor for almost 13 years I know the power of dance, moving and shaking your body from a bad mood to the best mood. Dancing really does make you smile all over, it helps you stay fit without even realising and stay younger for longer.
Hear the beat and feel the groove, the steps come from practice and your confidence grows with each class. By learning basic steps you will be able to dance to anything that comes your way. The more you dance the more you want to dance and the faster we go the better you feel. Those endorphins will help you dance into happiness. Come and dance with me. Zumba® is a party.

“Gloria is an exceptional Zumba instructor full of charisma motivation, positivity and most importantly, energy!”

Orly – NW London UK

“I must have had such a look on my face all night but what a giggle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you”

Julie Brown – Wimblington UK

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