Feel Good With Yoga
Say Yes to Yoga and you will say yes to flexibility, toning, attention to breath, improved balance and calm of mind.
Yoga is training for body, mind and soul. It is not a religion but you may find yourself religiously practicing once you get started.
I do not teach Instagram yoga, by which I mean you don’t need to contort your body into weird positions, or wrap you leg around your head. Start with the basics and get those right first.

Positioning and breath are so important for learning and safety. I like to concentrate on the fitness side of yoga, but I also the enjoy the quietness in the meditative moments.

Yoga is for everyone, you can take part on a chair too.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga session. It was a perfect fusion of deep breaths, sustained movements and deep stretching”

La Shelle – Surrey UK

“Totally different to the Kundalini Yoga I have been doing. I really enjoyed this class. Thank you”

Mary – Oban UK

Child's Pose
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