About Barre

Fun at the barre
Barre is for everyone but few people actually know what it is. Barre is ballet inspired Pilates. Low impact moves which work amazingly well throughout the whole body.

Using light hand weights, resistance bands or nothing at all, you will find that you get an intense workout without jumping or running. Great if you have a condition which prevents you from doing these types of exercise.

Easily practiced at home too with a chair or kitchen counter top for support. Yes there is a little French but you will pick up the position names in no time at all.

I like to use Tabata in this class too to help learn poses and musicality. Ta-Barre-Ta. This is interval training so you get to practice and progress easily. It is a great way to tone strengthen and age well.

Supporting your balance and stability. No tutu required unless you really want one !! We do wear yoga socks or you can take part with bare feet. Give it a go.

“I’d never done Barre before I met Gloria. It’s a brilliant workout. I can feel the definition coming in my legs and bum ! Love it.”

Michele – Wimblington UK

“I can definitely feel the toning already. Such a great class”

Amanda – Wimblington UK

Barre 2nd position plie
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