Kinisi Flow®

Kinisi Flow Mindfulness, Movement, Workout
I recently qualified as a Kinisi Flow® instructor.

Kinisi Flow® is a system of training & teaching that will engage your body & mind, as it offers a gateway to reach the flow state experience!
Kinisi Flow® is an innovative and unique approach to fitness that uses a diverse movement language. This movement language is designed to nourish, stretch and strengthen through sequencing & flow-motion. This bodyweight movement system of training, is a class format for all abilities to enhance their movement potential – mobility and implement as a recovery training protocol into everyday life.



The Kinisi Flow® Experience with Roots in Science!
A better movement vocabulary, will lead to moving better everyday.

Maximise your movement potential – Kinisi Flow® is a dynamic bodyweight training system which maximises the movement potential of the human body.

Reclaim your bodies natural ability to move – This dynamic new way to train will effectively retrain your body to reclaim its natural ability to move with elegance, strength, power and speed.

Train without the stresses and strains of traditional workouts – There is no equipment necessary.

I can’t wait to start teaching soon.

“Let us teach you to move in new ways. As a better movement vocabulary will lead to moving better everyday. “

Kinisi Flow® Creator and Co Founder – Michael Dean

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